Why you should practise gratitude 💚

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Gratitude is by far my favourite & top self-help tip. I teach gratitude to every person I help, guide or advise.

You’ll see me repeating myself about gratitude, time & time again on my pages, websites, videos & groups…

That’s because I cannot stress enough how much it works!

Gratitude isn’t just Kayleigh proven, it’s been approved by scientists, psychologists, therapists, counsellors & doctors across the world.

However, I came across gratitude by reading many self-help books, I’m not going to name any specifics on this occasion because the majority of self-help books I read on my wellbeing journey taught me to express gratitude, plus I have a pending article coming up with my favourite self-help books for you.

It’s no secret, that one self-help technique that’s recommended from a professional, friend or book, works for one but not for all…

The good news is gratitude is one size fits all!

Gratitude is for everybody & when done properly, it works for everybody too!

So what is exactly is gratitude & why do we need it?

Gratitude is being grateful for what you have, it’s acknowledging the good in your life & feeling satisfied with it. Gratitude is finding the good in every situation, it’s been grateful for the little things in life & realising how lucky you actually are, even when your mind may tell you you’re not. Gratitude is seeing your life in a different more positive way.

Being grateful helps to us to appreciate things in our lives for what they are… that promotes happiness, positivity, acceptance & it even helps to reduce stress, anxiety & depression.

Gratitude can change your whole perspective of life if you allow it, plus it’s so simple to do!

The first step to starting or improving anything in your life is to understand WHY you’re doing it, this first step is really important to me, because if you don’t know why you’re doing something then what’s the point?


First of all, why not?! Why would you not want to be grateful for all the things in your beautiful life? I mean, you’re lucky to even be here, some people didn’t even wake up this morning so, the fact that you are here, able to read my blog is just a blessing.

We easily forget things like that though, don’t we? With our busy lives, it’s so easy to forget to check in with ourselves. A lot of us are going through life in pilot mode – we get up, we go to the gym, we shower, we eat, we go to work, we come home, or go see friends, we eat again, we go to bed, we repeat this 5 days a week then spend our weekends loving life (or not) for a couple of days dreading Monday morning again… that’s existing not living!

However, by being grateful daily, helps become more present, just by taking 5 minutes out of your usual morning schedule can instantly ground you & help you enjoy your days rather than just spending them.

Gratitude not only helps us but it helps everything we have in our lives; it helps us in our relationships for examples. Love, family or friendship can all be very easily be taken for granted, but by being grateful for the people in your life can help to see the good in those people, which naturally helps us to appreciate them more, love them more. It also works reversed, when you start being grateful for the people in your life, you might not find anything to be grateful for in a person, in fact you might learn that there is negative people in your life & that’s not always a bad thing!

Being grateful improves our mood! Rather than waking up thinking ‘Urgh, work again’ wake up & think ‘I’m grateful that I have a job and income’.

Gratitude helps a number of things in our life, I can promise that this won’t be the only article I write on it either, but in a nutshell, gratitude starts with you!

It’s infectious! Telling people you’re grateful for them or anything else will project it onto that person, then they’ll start to feel grateful, they’ll pass it on to someone else and so on.

These are just a few of many ways why gratitude can help improve your life.

I always like to give examples in my sessions with clients when I’m explaining something, so let me give you an example of gratitude…

First of all, as I stated before – the fact you’re even here, breathing with air in your lungs is a blessing itself.

Another good example of gratitude is a girl that works her butt of all week in her 9 to 5 job to pay the rent & bills. She’s annoyed, because she works all week & feels like she has nothing to show for it. She lives in a small studio in a high-rise building. She wakes up every day & walks no more than a few feet to her kitchen to put the kettle on, her bed is a pull out sofa bed. She walks to work through the city centre, looking at all the big apartments with balcony’s & imagines herself living in one of them one day, every day she wishes, she was one of them people sat sipping coffee on their swanky balcony…

FACT: She spends every day wanting more, she spends everyday looking at what she could be or could have rather than what she does, she goes into the office that she doesn’t really like, because it pays well, spends most days p*ssed off, feeling sorry for herself. In fact, what she fails to see every day on her way to work, is the homeless people sat on the cold floor, looking at her, wishing they were her. The homeless guy across the road from her studio apartment, watches her lock her front door every day, wishing that one day, he’ll be lucky enough to have a front door to lock. The girl doesn’t realise how lucky she actually is, if only she could be grateful what she did have, then maybe she’d realise how rich she actually is to have running water, a warm bed, electricity, safety! Not only would she realise all of this, she would be happier, she would be less stressed, she’d probably even realise that life isn’t all about what you have, it’s about what you do with what you have.

Do I have your attention now? Ready to start practising gratitude? Ready to start living & thinking happier? Follow my easy daily gratitude routine, that is proven to completely change your mindset if you stick to it for 21 days…

It’s so simple to start being grateful, I personally recommend doing it as part of your morning routine, because I think it sets you up for the day with a good, happy, positive attitude. Having said that, it’s your life, its your day & it’s your gratitude list, I know some clients like to do it halfway through the day to keep themselves going, others prefer to do it on a night before bed – whenever works for you, as long as you do it daily.

Whenever you decide to do it, all you need to do is think, write or say at least three things you’re grateful for – It’s as simple as that! You can choose to go into detail of why you’re grateful for it but it’s as simple of naming three things, any three things you’re grateful for & really feeling thankful for it - really feel it!

I personally prefer to write down three things I’m grateful for, I have my own journal where I write this daily, I date every page too in case I ever want to reflect!

It’s okay to just think about the things you’re grateful for but I find this method to not be as effective, because it’s easy to forget them or easy to just look around a room and pick three things, whereas writing them or saying them is almost like talking to yourself – telling yourself!

Telling yourself something or reading it back really helps you feel it too, by talking to your subconscious.

I especially prefer the methods of writing it or saying it in the early days, whilst you’re first practising gratitude – once you wake up naturally feeling grateful & you’ve cracked it, you will be able to just think it as you’ll always be in a grateful mindset.

I start every single session by asking my clients what they are grateful for that day, I do this by giving them The Brighter Diaries journal & asking them to write down three things they’re grateful.

I do this because I’m big believer in journaling – seeing your thoughts on paper, I believe makes them more real. By reading your own thoughts back is almost like talking to yourself, it’s reading your own novel, not only that, it’s there as evidence! You can keep anything you write down, so you can go back to it – especially gratitude! It’s great to go back through your gratitude on a bad day & remind yourself of all the good in your life.

What are you grateful for today?

I’ll go first…

Today, 08/01/2022 I am grateful for…

My job – I’m so passionate about my job – it doesn’t feel like work, I love that I get to help & guide people daily!

My fiancé – We’ve been isolating together for the last week & spent the weekend planning our wedding next year, after been looked after for the last week, I remember why I’m marrying him! <3

My health – I came down with covid-19 at the start of the week, I’ve been very poorly but not as poorly as some people & I’m grateful to have fought off the virus and have my health!

Your turn!

Thank you for reading my blog! <3. Kayleigh Bradshaw.

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