The Brighter Diaries monthly news ๐Ÿ’š

Wow! What a month it has been & is going to be!

Due to the growth of The Brighter Diaries & so many new events & sessions landing, I thought it was only fair, that I share them all with you with a monthly news letter.

Because, let's be honest, it's not like we get much positive news from the media, you can count on positive only vibes on my blog! ๐Ÿ’š

Since this is the first monthly news letter, let me catch you up...

December 2021

"I'm not always right, but I'm always real!" ~ Kayleigh, owner & head coach.

The reason I told you that quote is because, December wasn't a great month for me or The Brighter Diaries, finally the world experienced something close to a normal Christmas after the pandemic, which was amazing for people, venues, shops, etc but not so amazing for me, as my small wellbeing company began to get quieter... I get it, people wanted to shop, eat, drink, see their friends, celebrate & live, so I made a tough decision the second week of December to cancel all my classes & events until January...

January 2022

New year, new you, right? I spent my first week in January... planning, planning, advertising & more planning. I was more than prepared to help my group members achieve their new year goals & start improving their wellbeing again. However, covid-19 had other plans. I opened my first class the second week of January, to see the return of nobody. Okay, so it was cold weather, covid-19 had spread again through the Christmas gatherings & naturally people were worried, siting in a classroom with others was too risky.

February 2022

With the community groups running less and less, I was keen to start back with some of my wellbeing at work contracts throughout Leeds City centre, the office, hospitality & all the other employee's in-between, would sure be keen to boost staff morale, motivation, productivity & happiness in their workplaces. Although, 2 of the contracts I had previously held had closed their business down due to covid-19, whilst others worked from home.

March 2022

It was sink or swim for The Brighter Diaries, now I know, I promised this to be positive news, but I promise there is a positive ending! :) I had to make moves, progress, changes, I had to improvise! Everyday, for as long as I owned The Brighter Diaries, I posted daily, positive content to help brighten people's days, I'd had some groups, contracts & wellbeing at work packages, but something was missing! So I used my imagination, I remembered, the old me, the old Kayleigh, whom, if had being suffering with poor mental health & wellbeing during the pandemic, would too probably be overwhelmed, nervous & be avoiding wellbeing groups & sessions with a wellbeing coach. So I recreated wellbeing... wellbeing for me is about 'being well'. Even if you're already well, eve if you're in a bad place & you can't work out how to overcome it, even if you're in an amazing place & you don't need to change it - nobody is perfect, there's always room for more positivity, change, personal-improvement & growth & it's the most challenging barrier between where you are now and where you want or would like to be, is what happens in-between that process...

April 2022

The final 2 weeks of March saw the weekly wellbeing groups return, but rather than rent a room in a community hall, I recreated weekly community groups & began to open them in independent business across the communities of Leeds, I currently run 2 after the 3rd location fell through, with the planning of 2 more opening, to be announced soon. Not only did I change the location & space, but I recreated how I ran the groups, I start each group with guided breathing to help you check-in with yourself with a mindfulness pause, self-reflection & use focusing on your breathe to help you relax, reconnect your mind & body & finally recharge your batteries. I continue me sessions with a motivational speech from myself based on a different topic each week, I don't encourage you to come to my group & speak about any past, present or future worries or concerns you may have, I simply ask you to turn up, enjoy the treats, refreshments & sit back to relax & learn how to become a better version of yourself.

During all of this exciting news, came a new exciting event with East 59th - the stunning rooftop restaurant in Leeds, we teamed up to bring to you, a morning escape with a wellness brunch & a 3 hour wellbeing session, full of team building games, rooftop guided breathing, motivational speaking & all the tools, knowledge & education you need to 'be well' at work, home & everywhere in-between. Yo can find our next event, the end of June! (Boking link coming back soon!)

I also met with Carl Knowles from the @atlunchwith podcast, who interviewed me to learn about my story & how it led me to open The Brighter Diaries - you can find that on Spotify & YouTube - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3klzTGpALwY&t=393s

The final days of April saw the release of my very own journals, to help you change your mindset with 4 simple yet effective techniques, that when practised how recommended with the journal, can eventually become habits, habits that eventually form into you, again helping you become a better version of yourself by thinking, feeling, acting & living better! You can purchase yours on my Etsy shop - https://www.etsy.com/uk/shop/Thebrighterdiaries

May 2022

During April, I had one of my amazing friends helping out at the sessions & events, but what group or event members didn't realise, is that Rachel my good friend, was actually helping out whilst attending the sessions. I met Rachel less than a year ago, when she wasn't happy with her story, I helped her recreate her story, through friendship & The Brighter Diaries, Rachel is now a member of the team & delivered her first 'hope & belief' speech last week at our Roundhay weekly wellbeing event - of course she absolutely smashed it!

Rachel came along with me, to The Brighter Diaries biggest event yet at the stunning 2-work offices in Leeds, we delivered our story & services to over 80 people & made some great connections!

This month The Brighter Diaries continues to grow, to help you continue to grow....

Our confirmed events look like....

Every Tuesday - weekly wellbeing...

9.30am - 11am - Morley - Shake, latte & roll - A morning of mindfulness & a mini wellness brunch.


6pm - 7pm - Roundhay - Co2 Hair & Beauty - A evening of week wellbeing along side some tasty treats & refreshments.


Both can be booked via meetup.com or email us :)

Saturday 21st May - 9.30am - 10.30am - Wellbeing dog walk - Followed by refreshments in Oakwood - with Plexus wellbeing - Yes! You read that right, a wellbeing walk with your dogs! We can't wait to meet them - and you of course :)

Did I mention, it's free?!


Wednesday 25th May - 12pm - 1.30pm - Wellbeing business lunch - Park House, Leeds city centre - A wellbeing lunch, get out of your workplace, office & join us for a wellness lunch, refreshments, better lunchbreaks, a better you & make some better networking connections in Leeds. Book - https://members.parkhouseleeds.com/events/1415043392/the-brighter-diaries-wellbeing-workshop?public&

I also have around 3 more big events for May, that I cannot to share with you, by hopefully the end of the week but until then my friends, it's a secret...

Spoiler alert: Mental health week 2022 is going to big!

Keep a look out on our events page & social media to keep updated, in touch & more queries or help with bookings.

Also - if there's something you're trying to change, improve, achieve or do right now but you keep facing barriers, just know that with the right mindset - you can do anything!

Ps... I'd rather live a life learning from my mistakes, than a life of what if's!

Here's to a positive May ๐Ÿ–ค

Join me to make your May more positive.

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