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I've spoke about self-care before, I've practiced it everyday for aslong as I can remember, but sometimes you just need to listen to your body & take a break...

With mental health week last week, The Brighter Diaries got extra busy... three new sessions, a night of networking, many meetings, an exclusive invite to Harvey Nichols fashion week, emails, admin, workouts, being a stepmum, running a house - life was busy!

By Saturday evening last week, I was curled up on the sofa at 8pm falling asleep, now I'm not complaining, I absolutely love The Brighter Diaires, my work, my company, my home, family & my life!

However, sometimes you just have to say no, you have to listen to your body, put yourself first & take some time out.

This last week, I took myself out of office, sessions, events, networking & stopped!

I took a whole week to practise self-care, have a break, relax, recharge & reconnect!

And I feel amazing!

I feel more motivated, focused, aware, awake!

My body feels light, ache free, refreshed & relaxed.

My mind feels clear, cleansed & full of energy.

What did I do the last week?

I took care of myself.

Alot of people think that self-care has to be bubble baths, face masks, chilling on the sofa, not moving, sleeping or detoxing & dieting...

To put it simple...

Self-care is taking care of yourself in which ever way works for you!

Taking care of yourself can be saying no, because you need to take time for yourself... I did this by taking a well earnt week off.

Taking care of yourself can be working out, walking, swimming, getting outside without rushing around & enjoying it! I did this by trying wild swimming for the first time! Wow! If you haven't tries it yet, please do! I'll be posting about the amazing benefits of wild swimming in cold water next week! :)

I also spent my week, eating my favourite foods, drinking a couple glasses of wine, treating myself to a Starbucks. Having a picnic with one of my besties! I had one day on the sofa cuddling my cat, I spent time with fiancé, I watched a new series, I ate waffles in bed with a romance film one night, I saw friends, family, I did yoga, I had a pamper...

I didn't open my laptop once, I stayed off social media & my website for a few days, I didn't answer my phone for a whole day, I took responsibility for myself & myself only and most importantly, I made sure I enjoyed every minute of it without feeling guilty or selfish!

Taking care of yourself is putting yourself first, it's giving yourself the attention, care, time & love that you constantly give out. It's doing things that make you happy, that bring you peace, balance, joy & positivity.

It's listening to your body & knowing to pause when you're on the verge of burning out.

It's remembering that you are not a robot & just like the phone or laptop you are currently reading this blog from, you need to recharge your batteries.

Selfcare is something we should try practise at least once a day, don't let my week of selfcare overwhelm you, daily selfcare is simple...

Do one small thing for yourself everyday, that is just for you! Whether it be a workout, drinking more water, walking more, drinking a little wine, eating food that you enjoy, spending time with family, friends, pets or even just having a early night.

When you take good care of yourself, you can take good care of everything else in your life.

Everything in life starts with you, it doesn't matter what you have around, if what you have internally isn't good, neither will anything externally be good.

What are you going to do to take care of yourself today?

Here's a few photos of how I took good care of myself this last week...

We went wild swimming in a freezing cold lake & tried the #Wimhoff cold therapy - it was unreal! Full blog post coming on this next week!

I stuffed my face with my favourite Syrian restaurant- #babtooma in Oakwood #leeds

I worked out most mornings by either doing yoga, going for a walk or a full body workout in the gym!

I started re reading my favourite book #atomichabits with a cheeky glass of red in the tub!

And now I feel amazing!

I cannot stress enough how taking time out for yourself improves your mental health, physical health, wellbeing & overall life!

If you want any advice just drop me a message! 💛

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