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Mental health week 2022

The theme for Mental health week 2022 is Loneliness.

I have being busy handing out free Brighter Diaires affirmations across the city this week, spreading positivity, giving out advice & support and trying to connect & speak with complete strangers, as well running my weekly wellbeing groups, all to help reduce loneliness & improve mental health & wellbeing.

If you're on social media, I'm sure you would have seen my Mental health week tips & advice, if you're not on social media then here's a little post o shared today, that hope helps to inspire you or somebody you know.

🌿 Mental health week 2022 🌿 🌟 Loneliness 🌟

#ivebeenthere 💚 if you or somebody you know are or have felt lonely, suffered from poor mental health or wellbeing, read this ➡️

Don't be afraid to reach out for that conversation, help, support or advice you might need because SOMEBODY IS THERE FOR YOU!

Sometimes it's hard to see the end of the road when your engine keeps breaking down, it's dark, there's fog, you don't the way or you're even struggling to drive down that road...

But life isn't about getting to the end of the road so quickly, it's about enjoying the journey, making the most of it, learning how to fix your engine, adapting to the fog & asking for directions when you don't know the way 💚

STOP being a lonely prisoner in your own mind, I can promise you whoever you ask for a extra push, sense of direction, support or help... they have probably been there! 🌟

Life's not as perfect as we all pretend it to be, we all wear a mask that we want the world to see but underneath it all is a mind that needs to be worked on & at some point in that process, that positive mind once needed a extra push too 💛

You're reliable contacts for that are...

The Brighter Diaires - to become a better version of yourself with a expert mental health & wellbeing coach, who now only has the skills to help & support you, but has lived through experience of poor mental health & wellbeing & understands how it feels to need or want support & help 🌿

Kayley Bradshaw

Allan Clayton counselling - email me for a affordable, quick referral to our amazing, non-judgemental, solution focused counsellor.

Free phone The Samaritians on 0330 094 5717 for support, help & advice.

Leeds mind - - for help, support, advice & tips on how to improve your mental health.

Your family & friends - those uncomfortable conversations that bring you closer, gain better relationships & help you, help each other 💛

YOU! You can be your own best friend or worse enemy. The relationship you have with yourself, is the only relationship you get to choose & keep for your whole life. So be kind to yourself, look after yourself, treat yourself well, check in with yourself, understand yourself, work hard on yourself & love yourself.

Reach out because...


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