How to stick to your new years resolutions...

By Kayleigh Bradshaw @ The Brighter Diaries.

Follow my easy & simple #self-help steps to keep #focused & #motivated.

January can be such a drag, I personally don’t mind it, I make the most of eating all the left-over chocolates & finish the remaining Christmas food & enjoy my new treats.

Christmas isn’t the same for everyone though, so people don’t like the festive season, some people are glad to see the back of it.

You may have spent Christmas alone this year, by choice, not by choice or especially this year, because of covid.

You might love the Christmas holidays, you might have gone all out this year, lots of nights outs, lots of money spent, lots of drinking & eating etc.

However, you spent the holidays, whether you were lucky enough to enjoy them or not, whether you came out of the holidays feeling good or rubbish, first things first this new year… BE GRATEFUL!

Start January by being grateful that you’re still here, there’s air in your lungs & you have another year ahead of you.

Although I’m not a big believer in a new year, new you…

Simply because I believe if you want change you shouldn’t wait to do it!

But it is January & it’s not just my job, but’s my passion to help you find the motivation you need to do whatever goals you set for yourself this year.

So here’s my 5 easy reads self-help tips to help you find just that…

1. PLAN!

Plan your goals for this year – write them down, make a dream board, basically put them somewhere you will see them every morning. I personally have a large corkboard in my bedroom & pin pictures of things I want to do this year, so I see it every morning. Some of my clients have even used their phones to set a reminder for each morning. Why? Because if you see your goals every morning when you wake up, it gives you a motivational push, reminding you why you’re going to the gym this morning, or why you’re going to work, why you’re not having a cigarette or whatever it is you planned. Decide what you want & remind yourself every day to keep track of them.


Whether you have big or small goals, it’s important that you know how to reach them. After you’ve set your goals, make a sub goal of how you’re going to achieve it… it makes life much easier for you by keeping you on track knowing what you have to do to achieve your main goal. You can choose to write your plans under your daily goal reminders too or you can set different reminders for these – whatever helps you focus.


3. WHY?

Ask yourself why? Why do you want this goal? Why is it important? Why are you doing what you’re doing? What does the end goal look like? Why does it make you happier? There’s absolutely no point in doing something if it doesn’t make YOU happy. When planning goals, it’s important to know why you do want that change, it might not be the fact it makes you happier but it may be needed at the moment due to your situation. Whatever it is, it’s important to know why you’re doing what you’re doing – if you don’t then what’s the point?

4. TIME!

A goal with a timeline is just a dream - one of the best things I ever learnt in order to get motivated.

I don’t want to be a dreamer & neither do you! So set yourself a time limit for your goals, not only does it make them real but it gives you motivation, determination & you’re more than likely to keep focused as you subconsciously get competitive against yourself. Tick each day that you achieve the things you say will & give yourself credit one day at a time.



And finally, take baby steps with your goals - don’t set yourself up for failure! Planning too much too soon can set you up for failure, too much change can be overwhelming & if you fail you only end up disappointed & more likely you’ll end up worse off than when you first started. So take it easy, do one step at a time & be patient! After all Rome wasn’t build in day! Be realistic when you set your goals, your sub goals & the time you give yourself to achieve them.

New year, new goals, new happiness, new success, new motivation, new education, new self-help techniques, new attitude…


I’ve even made a simple, easy to follow goals printout that will be available to take home at my Leeds support group – ‘MONDAY NIGHT MINDFULNESS’ which will be restarting on Monday 17th January - Roundhay Parochial Hall at 7pm.

Tickets available here…

Join my support group & learn how to become a better version of yourself by improving your mindset, mental health & wellbeing…


Once you know better – YOU DO BETTER!

Starts at the new time of 7pm!

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