How to start making changes.

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How to start making changes NOW!

The Brighter Diaries says: If you want to change, you have to make changes!

One of my most used sentences, it’s very simple & when I tell my clients this, I usually get a scrunched-up face response or a ‘well yeah, obviously’.

And they’re right! It is very obvious, yet there’s still so many people sat in jobs they don’t like, relationships they’re unsure about, lives they’re not happy with & still chasing dreams.

One of the biggest problems that I believe is causing this feeling of been ‘stuck’ or ‘unhappy’ is because people don’t take responsibility for the choices they freely have.

I believe that no matter what the situation, you always have a choice, however, I find that many people are too comfy to take the harder choice that usually tends to give the best results.

For example…

You stay in that shitty job because it pays the bills, yet its probably costing you your mental health. You stay there because it’s comfortable, it pays the bills and gives you your monthly spends, yeah sure you don’t like it, but it’s too risky to leave.


You stay in that shitty job that’s costing you your mental health because you don’t believe in yourself to achieve more & rather than risking failure, you’d rather stay where you’re comfortable.

This is just my thoughts, you may or may not agree, but according to my research and customer base, this is my conclusion on it.

And here is my theory on how to change that…

My example was just about work, because according to research over a third of brits aren’t happy at work, but my theory of change is aimed at all areas of your life.

Any kind of personal growth, improvement or development needs to change to make it happen.

First of all, if you’re struggling to find motivation for the thing you want to change, then make sure it is the right thing for you. Usually if you’re planning to make change but struggling to do it, maybe that change isn’t for you, so be true to yourself!

Second of all, when you know what changes you want to make, then make sure that they are achievable – don’t set yourself up for failure by trying to achieve too much too soon, it will only throw you off track or stop you from doing it all together - I'm going further into this...

When you worked out what you want to change or improve, make sure you have a why!

The why is your reason of doing something, it will be your central motivation every time.

Your why is the outcome of what you change or improve, in other terms, it’s the rewards & benefits you gain from change.

Ideally, you’re going to be happier, more productive, more successful, healthier, positive or just better in general.

Whatever it is you’re trying to achieve it’s of course for a positive outcome.

That positive outcome is what you need to use for when times get tough, remind yourself of the reward to keep persistent.

Times will get tough, changing, growing, improving, isn’t always a easy process…

That’s because as I mentioned earlier, a lot of us tend to be comfy where we are, to start making changes usually means to step outside of our comfort zone.

Stepping outside of your comfort zone is one of the single most important ways that you can develop change into your life.

It helps you to gain self-confidence, master new skills, create self-belief, leaving your comfort zone literally develops change without you seeing or feeling the change happen until it’s happened.

Don’t let the sound of that overwhelm you.

Stepping outside of your comfort zone, doesn’t have to be a big deal..

This where my & probably many other coach’s theories of change make that process easier…

The Brighter Diaries teaches small, simple yet effective changes.

Your mindset is the reason you think, feel, act and live the way you do.

When I speak of you been stuck, comfortable, doubting yourself (no self-belief) or too worried/overwhelmed to make change – that’s your mindset talking.

That’s what you are allowing yourself to believe.

You have to change that!

Spoiler alert! Self-belief article coming next week!

That change doesn’t have to, nor will it, happen overnight, in a week, maybe it won’t even happen in a month.

You just have to trust it will happen & you can do that by making small, simple yet effective changes.

More times than not, when you decide to try something new, different or make any kind of change, whether it be a career change, a diet, working out more, reading more, learning a new skill, etc, we tend to be inconsistent or fail.

That’s because you set yourself up for failure, expecting that a new idea instantly turns into a new you.

For example; a person who deicides to work out more, goes to the gym for EVERY DAY for a couple of weeks, but usually burns themselves out because they over did it & ends up resting too long to recover and looses their routine, feels like they have failed & gives up!

That is a prime example of setting yourself up for failure.

The Brighter Diaries says: You can do anything but not everything.

A build house, once started as a brick.

A tree was once a seed.

We find it hard to understand that everything around us took time to grow because we didn’t notice it or see it.

We seem to forget that we once, was a tiny person who couldn't talk, walk or even brush our teeth!

Your dreams, your passions – you want them so bad, that when you decide you want them, you want them NOW but the day you decide you want them isn’t the day you’re going to get them.

You have to patient & build yourself up to the person you want to be.

At The Brighter Diaries, I teach my clients small daily changes, because these small changes, when practised consistently for a number of days eventually become part of your daily routine, just like the brick becoming a house, you have to build, build & build until one day you realise that you’re a better version of yourself.

Just like when you learnt how to brush your teeth, you was prompted to every day, until eventually you practised it so much, it became part of you.

To start achieving your goals, stop setting huge goals, stop pressuring yourself, stop rushing & make slowly yourself a better person every day.

Make the tomorrow you, better than today you.

Do that everyday for the next year and you’ll be a much better version of yourself.

Whatever it is, you’re looking to change or improve, do a small bit of it everyday until you get to it, you’ll be prouder than the person who doesn’t do anything, any day.

And remember if you’re stuck, need a little support or help, The Brighter Diaries has got you!

Ps – Check out The Brighter Diaries mindset journal in our shop to learn simple, yet effective weekly changes that can help you start changing your mindset.

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