My Background

Many years ago, I suffered with really poor mental health & wellbeing. I came into my career after recovering from severe depression & anxiety.

I spent many of my late teen years in bed, in & out of hospital & experimenting with many different anti-depressants.

As time went on, I eventually got tired of existing rather than living, anti-depressants, only made me worse. I ordered my first self-help book & a journal and slowly but surely life began to change.

I slowly moved from my bed to the sofa, I read more books, I journaled everyday. I plucked up the courage & booked myself a mindfulness course, then a mental health awareness course, before I knew it, I was studying my mental health NVQ Level 2, I moved my journal to an online blog, which caught the attention of others... it helped them! 


Within a couple of years, I was volunteering in mental health & wellbeing services & had started my own peer support group, before I knew it, I was training to be a wellness & life coach...

After recreating my story, I created The Brighter Diaries to help you recreate yours. 

The Brighter Diaries offers personal, group & corporate wellbeing services & events. 

We aim to make wellbeing fun, simple & effective by using mindset growth, mindfulness, motivational speaking, personal development & improvement skills to make your story brighter. 

With my lived through experience, accredited skills & expertise, together we can find your best life, not only will I guide you to happiness but I will also teach you how to maintain it. 

In your life, in the workplace, together or personally, we got you.


My Approach

Nobody's perfect & there's always room for improvement, that's why we offer a wide variety of wellbeing services & events, that can be tailored around you. 

We create better communities with our support groups around Leeds. We use group coaching, motivational speaking, guided breathing & fun wellbeing activities that help boost happiness, positivity, relaxation & bring people together. We also provide tasty treats and refreshments. 

We hold a range of wellbeing events across the city, from wellbeing walks to wellbeing rooftop brunch, similar to our support groups but bigger but we can bring more people together & help them feel good. 

Want to hire us or see an event or community group near you? Email us, we're always happy to expand our services.

Image by Lesly Juarez