My Background

 We all have a story within us, some of are happy with ours, where as some of us, wish we could change it, improve it or rewrite it all together...

Many years ago, that's what I did!

I wasn't happy with my story & unfortunately, I learnt that the hard way, with poor lifestyle & wellness choices nearly costing me my mental health, I decided to rewrite my story & become a better version of myself. 

I discovered simple yet effective ways to improve & maintain my wellbeing & I want to share them with you...

My approach...

Unlike most lifestyle & wellness companies, my approach to better wellbeing isn't what you'd expect. 

Whilst sitting in a circle & speaking about your problems works for some people, it never worked for me & I believe on the side of my experience & training, that I only teach methods & techniques that I know work are an enjoyable, unforgettable experience. 

My sessions, events & products are delivered & tailored to you with your story at heart, ensuring that your journey is unique, enjoyable & of course the best one yet.

I teach you small, simple yet effective changes that you can easily add to part of your daily routine to encourage growth, change or improvement into your life. 

Take it from a expert lifestyle & wellness coach,

From my story to yours...

Become a better version of yourself with The Brighter Diaries.