Simple, yet effective wellbeing.

Personal & corporate wellbeing services in Leeds.

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Why did you get up this morning? 

Not many people know the answer to that question, so I'll go first...

I got up this morning to fulfil my passion, to help, support & guide you on your wellbeing journey towards a better version of yourself.

We all have a story, I wasn't happy with mine, so I recreated it, so I could help others recreate theirs.

From my story to yours, welcome to The Brighter Diaries.

We make wellbeing fun, simple yet effective...

                   Wellbeing services & events in Leeds.

This woman is a genius! After helping me improve my mental health, I've managed to improve all areas of my life!



Kayleigh has been a credit to the company by spreading her positivity throughout the staff, improving morale & work!


Overcame barriers stopping my from opening my own company - Kayleigh helped me find that & maintain it whilst I'm busy with my successful Company.

J&K Electrics.


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